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Recording Tips by Wordsworth Transcription Services

When recording an interview, meeting, lecture or other event with the intention of having it transcribed later, you can help make the transcription process as efficient and accurate as possible. While it's not always possible to follow all of these tips, taking them into account can help ensure better transcription by improving sound quality and minimizing incidental noise.

The better the recording, the more accurate and cost-effective the transcription will be.

As much as possible, try to follow these guidelines for best results:

General Recording Tips for Transcription

Recording Tips for Multiple Speakers

Equipment Suggestions for Audio Recording

We don't have the resources necessary to test and recommend the best from the many types of equipment available. However, we hear a lot of audio recordings and have gathered the following recommendations from clients producing very good audio quality:

We have found several guides to choosing equipment that are well-researched and well-written. They should be helpful for anyone trying to choose from the variety of recorder technology. Please let us know what you find helpful in picking out your recorder.

  • One client pointed out to us a Guide to Recording Digital Data that goes into some detail about using digital recordings when doing interviews. There is a great deal of information about why and how to use digital recorders, as well as equipment suggestions and detailed instructions.
  • The Vermont Folklife Center has a very thorough Digital Audio Field Recording Equipment Guide.
  • The Baylor Institute of Oral History has a guide to Choosing and Using Digital Recorders specifically for those doing field interviews.
  • IB Transcription Services in England has a lot of information in their Recording Equipment Tips.
  • The Social Work Resources page put together by James W. Drisko at Smith College has a great guide to recording equipment which covers some of the latest equipment with model by model comparisons.

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