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Recording Tips by Wordsworth Transcription Services

When recording an interview, meeting, lecture or other event with the intention of having it transcribed later, you can help make the transcription process as efficient and accurate as possible. While it's not always possible to follow all of these tips, taking them into account can help ensure better transcription by improving sound quality and minimizing incidental noise.

The better the recording, the more accurate and cost-effective the transcription will be.

As much as possible, try to follow these guidelines for best results:

General Recording Tips for Transcription

Recording Tips for Multiple Speakers

The following additional guidelines are useful for events where there are more than two people involved:

  • It is very important to have a microphone for each speaker. This is commonly done in conferences, but often overlooked in focus groups, group interviews or other smaller settings. Having a speaker some distance from a microphone almost guarantees that their contributions will disappear behind background noise.
  • If you have multiple speakers, it's ideal to be able to identify each speaker each time she or he speaks. This could be done by the speaker or hte facilitator. Having an identification makes it possible for us to label each speaker individually in the transcript. It also works as a reminder to the group participants that they are being recorded, a fact that is often forgotten soon after the introduction. At the very least, it is helpful for the speakers to introduce themselves at the beginning in their own voice.
  • An active facilitator is very important when recording focus groups. Groups almost always devolve into overlapping conversation and the result may be a lot of lost information in the transcription. In addition, parsing those multiple speakers apart adds a lot to the cost of the transcript. Repeated requests to speak one at a time usually result in a much more complete transcript.
  • If you have an audience asking questions but don't use a separate mike for them, you can ask your speakers to repeat the question that has been asked, before answering it.

Equipment Suggestions for Audio Recording

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