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Typing Services

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Typing Services

At Wordsworth we can take your typing project, no matter the source, and output it in the format that you need. We can accept your documents through the mail, e-mail, on CD, via FTP, or uploaded to a private folder on our online file storage site.

Wordsworth will type your document, including your corrections if necessary, and produce it as an editable Word file, text file, or other word processing format. We can produce a PDF of your document ready for online publication or see our formatting services if you are interested in self-publishing a hardcopy book.

At Wordsworth we take extra care with your project to get it right. We guarantee our work to be accurate and timely.

Project Types

Here are some examples of the work we have done in the past:

Preserving History. We can preserve you or your family's letters, diaries, or journals. These can be saved from loss by letting us transfer these documents into electronic format. They can also be distributed to your family as a printed book, electronic files, or shared online.

Memoirs. We can type up your life story or thoughts, perhaps also published in a bound book or ebook. This is a great way to pass on your stories and pictures to your family and friends.

Manuscripts. We have typed novels, poetry books, short stories, and essays. Whether you're sending your work out for publication or simply want to share it yourself, we can do your typing and leave you more time for writing. See our formatting page if you are thinking of using a self-publication service.

Retyping. We can retype PDFs, books, or other printed documents. Many clients come to us with a document in PDF format that they need to make some changes to, whether it's bylaws that need to be updated, a lease, or a previously published book. Wordsworth can retype your PDF, printed book, or pages and save you the time. We can make any necessary changes and republish it in PDF or Word format for you.

Data Entry. Type your list of recipes, addresses, or contacts. We can produce a cookbook, a sortable address list, or a mailing list for you. Let us set up the spreadsheet or database so that you can easily manage and add to your information in the future. In a spreadsheet your data can be easily sorted, recalculated, or reorganized.

Affordable Typing Rates

The cost for your typing project will vary based on the word count and formatting of your document, so an estimate is difficult without a sample of the source work. Most typically, we charge 1.4 cents per word for straight typing. If we can speed up the job with text recognition (combined with careful copyediting) the cost might be less. Please send us a copy or a sample of your document so that we can produce an estimate for your particular job. We would be happy to do a small portion of the job as a sample of our work.