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Who We Are

A Personal Touch


At Wordsworth, we have worked together on typing, transcription, and formatting projects since October of 2000. We began as a cooperative business, built piece by piece by our partners who lived and worked together. That sense of community and egalitarianism has stayed with us and made Wordsworth the business it is today.

There are bigger companies out there, but it remains important to us to maintain a personal touch with our customers. We employ a very small number of highly vetted and supervised typists to supplement our own work. We've remained small enough to keep our hands on each piece of work that goes out our door. Our customers see the difference.

At Wordsworth, we've endeavored to provide a professional service that is affordable for everyone while supplying our members a livable wage. That means we don't outsource our work, paying our subcontractors a great wage for their work. It also means we have avoided raising our rates since 2006 in an effort to keep our skills accessible to all kinds of customers. Maintaining this balance is difficult, but essential to who we are.




Amanda Walden

Amanda is one of the founders of the business. She does transcription, formatting, and typing work at Wordsworth. Amanda is our detail person. She has a great deal of experience formating work for publication, and enjoys working closely with a customer over time to get their documents just right. In addition, Amanda carefully edits the work of all of our subcontractors, making sure that every page that we send to our customers is accurate.



Ken Walden

Ken is one of the founders of Wordsworth. If you contact Wordsworth, you most likely will deal with Ken, as he interfaces with our customers and manages our project queue, our accounting, and our typists as well. Ken also does transcription, typing, and takes care of all the technical details, including file management and the Web site. He can help you with converting files, creating PDFs or captioning videos.