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How We Work

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Security & Confidentiality

Our customers include world-renowned research organizations, federal organizations, physicians and psychiatrists, journalists and international magazines. One thing all these customers share in common is an absolute need for confidentiality and the highest level of privacy protocols. At Wordsworth, we are experienced at meeting the needs of HIPAA, university IRBs, corporate security requirements, and news embargoes. We are happy to sign your confidentiality agreement but even without one we consider all of our work to be highly confidential and we treat it accordingly. We deal every day with protected information, and so our company protocols include protecting all physical and electronic documents, controlling user access to any confidential information, never sharing information from your project, and protecting the confidentiality of your interview subjects. We will be happy to sign and return your confidentiality agreement or produce one of our own.

Wordsworth partners with Egnyte for file storage, management, encryption, and transfer. Each of our customers is given a private folder on Egnyte servers, protected with high level data center and network security. All files are stored and transferred with secure encryption, and only you and any other team members you choose can access your folder and files. Through Egnyte's secure interface you can upload audio files or other electronic documents to us and subsequently download the documents we produce for you. This guide to security at Egnyte details the protection offered to you as our customer. We are also happy to work with the file transfer and storage sites of your choice.

Working With Us

Before sending a project to Wordsworth, you can streamline the process by letting us know in advance:

  • The amount of typing or audio recordings you have
  • The timeline for when you will be sending recordings
  • The format of the work. If typing, is it handwritten, or typed, for example. For transcription work, is it dictation, interviews, focus groups or a conference?
  • Time constraints for when you need your work back
  • The format in which the transcription or typing should be delivered, whether Microsoft Word, PDF, hard copy, or something else. Our standard format is Microsoft Word.
  • How work should be billed, and who invoices should be sent to.

You can send us work electronically through several means. You can send an e-mail attachment to or to your project lead. In addition, we provide an online file transfer site where you can upload recordings or documents to a personal, secure folder just for your project. Please contact us for login information if you wish to use it. You can also share files with us via Dropbox, using as the account name. You can also mail us work addressed to Wordsworth, 980 Middle Street, Bath, ME 04530.

We attempt to work with every customer to meet their project deadline. If our standard return time is not sufficient and your project needs to be rushed, we can expedite your work for an additional fee. Rush jobs will get first priority and be completed on your timeframe. We will charge an additional 15% fee above our normal invoice for the work.


At Wordsworth, we invoice electronically either at the end of your project or at regular intervals for longer projects. Invoices can be paid by check, by credit card, or through PayPal.

Many of our customers pay through grant money or other institutional structures. Please put us into contact with the appropriate personnel at your institution and let us know what we can do to establish your purchase order or to create our vendor account.