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Formatting Services

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Many of our customers wish to take their typed document and turn it into a book, whether printed and bound at home, at your local printshop, through a traditional publisher, or for online self-publication as a print or e-book. We have experience in formatting your work for self-publication at sites including Amazon CreateSpace, Kindle and Lulu. Turn your novel, family memories, letters, recipes or memoirs into a bound book for yourself, as a gift to your family and friends, or for publication and sale.

Closed Captioning

As online video becomes more commonplace, the need for closed captioning increases. Whether you need our transcription service or have already produced a transcript, we can add closed captioning to your video. Your text will be added and synced to make your video accessible for the hearing impaired and others.

508 Compliant Electronic Documents

Producing online or electronic documents that are accessible to all takes special expertise and special care. The federal government has laid out guidelines for making electronic documents accessible under Section 508. At Wordsworth we are experienced with the work of turning a document into a Section 508 compliant PDF. Section 508 compliance will mean your work is accessible to even more readers--easily navigable by screen readers for the visually impaired, for instance.